Finding Ways to Stay Focused in a World of Chaos

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As we reach the end of what has been an atypical semester to say the least, we are met face-to-face with holiday cheer and the very prominent disappearance of any motivation for school work. The school work blues are looking a little different this year, as most students are staying in bed all day, only waking up for an hour to log into a Zoom class, and most likely fall asleep 10 minutes later. 

These days especially, it is easy to fall into the very tempting hole of slacking off. With all of the events that are changing in society, school may not seem like a top priority. Although this perspective is justified, it’s important to hold ourselves accountable as students because it can give us something to focus on and feel accomplished in a time where things definitely do not seem to be looking up. By finishing an assignment or getting a good grade on an exam, we are able to focus on a beneficial aspect of our lives that leads towards the betterment of ourselves, rather than getting caught up in all of the negativity. 

Especially with the dominance of online learning, finding ways to study and keep track of assignments has become more complicated. Zoom University has allowed students to develop a variety of new habits, some of which have taken away from the ability to stay organized. My biggest advice for staying on top of schoolwork is to write a to-do list of all schoolwork and events going on in your life. Writing down your assignments–whether it be in a planner, on a sticky note, or in the notes on your phone–allows you to prioritize your tasks while also critically thinking about how you are going to approach those assignments. By incorporating your daily life schedule in this list as well, you can see how full your plate is, without allowing yourself to blow things out of proportion. 

The most important piece of advice is to cheer yourself on. Life is crazy these days, and the reality is that we are trying to figure out what to do with our lives, in the middle of a pandemic. There is a fine line between holding yourself accountable and being too hard on yourself, so make sure to find a happy place where you can give yourself a break while also completing what you need to. — Chandler Fleming

Photo: Writing down assignments is a tried-and-true method of studying success (Chandler Fleming)

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