Women’s soccer team goes pink for boobs

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The women’s soccer team showed their support for National Breast Cancer Awareness month last Wednesday at their home game against George Fox.

The team captains Allysa Omana, Teri Shegino and Kaitlyn Harper came up with the idea of getting involved with National Breast Cancer Awareness month when they saw that their opponents of Pacific Lutheran University were wearing pink shirts during their away game Oct. 2.

“The original idea was to wear pink tie-dye shirts but since our next home game wasn’t going to be until November we decided that wouldn’t be possible so we came up with a different way to show our support,” said Shegino.

By wearing bright pink athletic tape with slogans such as “I love boobies,” or names of breast cancer survivors, the ladies of the soccer team displayed their support of breast cancer survivors and victims.

“It felt good to support this cause,” said mid fielder Shekema McCarthy, “I know a survivor of breast cancer so I’m happy we could show our support for everyone who has to deal with this in whatever way we could.”

For Shegino, it was a way for the team to be able to connect with a national cause and be more aware of it.

“I think the team was excited about it,” said Shegino. “They got into the slogans we put on the pink tape so all in all it was a successful way to show our support.”


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