Registrar denies women wrestlers into tournament

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For the women wrestlers the goal has always been set on competing at the National Collegiate Wrestling Association Tournament, but the registrar at the tournament had different plans. Unfortunately for freshmen Andrina Ramos and Jodi Ozaki they were told by tournament officials they could not participate.
Despite their semester on the mat fall semester, when Ozaki and Ramos arrived ready to give it their best in Georgia for the NCWA Tournament, which took place on March 10 through the 12, they were denied entry. After putting in the time and effort to reach this tournament, both were not able to compete in the tournament because of a registration and clerical error.
“It really wasn’t our fault,“ said Ozaki. “We begged the tournament committee to let us compete, but they refused.”
Ultimately the two representatives from Pacific were not allowed to compete. They did made the best out of their situation though. Ramos, Ozaki and Head Coach Severin Walsh went sightseeing during the time they spent there and got to see historic landmarks.
“All in all it was a really good experience,” said Ozaki. “We even got to see Martin Luther King Jr. sites.”
While they were let down on their trip, Ozaki and Ramos still continue to have passion for their sport.
“I love the one-on-one component of it,” said Pacific wrestler Andrina Ramos.
Ozaki and Ramos have learned how to balance the life of a student athlete, testing their strength every day on and off the mat. While most lie in bed scraping the last few hours of sleep before heading off to morning classes, Ramos and Ozaki, along with the men’s wrestling team, meet at 6:30 a.m. twice a week to do cardio and fitness swims in the pool. That with the team weight lifting sessions along with the team practices where the women do every drill and workout that the men’s team does.
“It’s really hard sometimes, I was definitely lacking in the sleep category, but it teaches you to prioritize your time,” said Ozaki.
Reflecting back on their trip to Georgia the women have come away hoping for better preparation on the tournaments’ part in the future.
“We take the experience as a lesson learned,” said Ramos.


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