Lacrosse on top of NWC, ends season with win

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The Boxer women’s lacrosse team ended the season with their best record yet of 10-4  which put them on top of the Northwest conference for the first time in Boxer lacrosse history.

This is the first time in the program’s five year history that they’ve achieved such a record.

Head Coach Wynne Lobel said that the success the women have seen this season came down to one thing.

“The team has put a tremendous amount of off season work in. The basic fundamentals of catching and throwing have really been on and have definitely contributed to our success this season,” said Lobel.

Lobel also said that the team has really focused on playing together and working with one another.

She cited every player as a necessity, with each each player greatly contributing to the team.

“The leadership component has been amazing and we have a solid core group of players, I honestly couldn’t imagine the team without every girl that we have on the roster,” said Lobel.

According to Lobel, every player has “shown up at practice.” Not just physically, but mentally as well.

Although there is no official NWC championship for women’s lacrosse, the Boxers have beat every team in the conference twice, which has put them at the number one spot in the NWC.

Lobel said that the Boxers had to battle for that spot, and remembered two highlights of the season that brought them to that point.

In California the Boxers beat Pamona-Pitzer College 17-15 in overtime with Kelly Stevens and Sydney Vincent  scoring in OT for the win.

“We had lost in overtime three days before so it was good that we were able to learn from that loss and figure out how to do better the next time,” said Lobel.“It was important to come back with a win in California and we did it.”

For Lobel, possibly the most prominent highlight came when the Boxers defeated Puget Sound University for the second time this season.

The Boxers had never beat PSU twice in a season. Lobel said it was a major feat for them that really “sealed the deal.”

She said that some seniors remembered playing PSU as freshmen where they thoroughly lost to the Loggers.

“For those seniors and this team to be able to come back and beat them twice was really significant, when they came off the field it was almost like a dream,” said Lobel.

The Boxers ended their season on a high note dominating the Linfield Wildcats with a 19-8 win.

Goals were scored by Monica Smith, Carmen Taplin,  Kaitlyn Harper, Kelly Stevens, Natalie Getchell, Ella VandeKamp, Molly Bailey, Rachel Wong, Brittany Hartmann and Sydney Vincent.


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