Football rumors found false, Buckley clears things up

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When it comes to rumors regarding Pacific football players, it appears they are their biggest critics.

The football team has been under constant scrutiny since its return this fall. But some of the players were spreading rumors saying 80 percent of the football team was on academic probation and warning.

While the rumor spread, coaches were unhappy when word got to them.

“That’s not true,” said Head Coach Keith Buckley. “That number is nowhere near accurate.”

According to the College of Arts and Sciences, students must have a grade point average of 2.0, completed 12 hours the semester before and have at least a 2.0 GPA in that past semester.

A student is on academic warning when they have not met each of those three standards for the first time. The student will have to meet with their faculty adviser and may be advised to talk with the Associate Dean of students.

When a student does not meet one or more of the three standards any semester afterward the student will be on academic probation. The student may be suspended from the university for one academic year. If the student shows improvement or is failing because of unusual circumstances, they will be able to continue studying under academic probation.

The Standards and Advising Committee of the College of Arts and Sciences decides if a student is on academic probation or suspension.

While some football players are on academic warning, coaches said they see the struggle academically as more a transition to college rather than a football related issue.

“You can’t put the academic struggle on one theme,” said Buckley.

Since the team is “freshmen heavy,” Buckley said the reason some of the football players have struggled is no different from the average incoming freshmen’s challenges at Pacific.

Learning time management, adjusting to college life, and balancing football, academics and social life can all effect a student’s academic performance. Buckley said these effect his team as well. Specific to football, some student athletes have had injures and missed class because of those injuries.

Buckley said the football coaches have kept an eye on academic standing with their players and are taking active measures to support each player. Study hall has been available every night in Price Hall with access to the math and science tutors. The players in study hall are expected to attend four hours every week.

In the fall the whole team was required to attend study hall. This spring semester any student under a 3.0 GPA was required to continue attending those study halls.

“I don’t want us to be grouped together because we put a helmet on at one point,” said Buckley. “Everyone’s different and we set expectations for each player individually.”

This year has been an adjustment for Pacific with the restart of football and for the freshmen Boxers themselves adjusting to higher level education.

In the years to come coaches are expecting the transition for in-coming freshmen to be smoother. Buckley said they hope the current freshmen will be mentors and help ease concerns new comers have through the stressful transition.

This year Buckley is able to reflect back and be pleased with the Boxers transition.

“I’ve taken all the struggles these guys have as positives. They have learned from them.”


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