With confidence there is hope for football victory

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Lets put it out there, football players are stereotyped. Considering that Pacific has been accustomed to college life without football for almost 20 years, it’s not surprising that many faculty members were resistant to its re-introduction, to say the least.
In lieu of these circumstances, I am baffled that the football team would help hinder their reputation.
I have a good amount of empathy for the football players here at Pacific. I have numerous friends who play football, I attended the games, and I can see both sides of the “football” controversy. So I was shocked when my friend, who plays football, told me the majority of the team was on academic probation.
In regards to being respected and welcomed, I’d say football players are at the bottom of the food chain. There is no reason these young men should be adding any negativity to footballs reputation especially when they are fighting for acceptance here.
Please believe in yourself, Boxers, please. Apply confidence to every aspect of college life. Apply it all around, to academics, social and athletic aspects of life at Pacific.
If any member of the football team is supporting rumors like this about their academics, it doesn’t surprise me that the Boxers did not win a single game this last season.
If the team can’t believe in themselves while sitting at a desk, they wont be able to apply themselves on the field.
You guys are degrading yourselves. You get cut down to begin with, so this whole situation makes me want to scream “why?”
Not that it’s fair either, but football won’t get any slack.
“We are not getting any breaks here, and we don’t need any,” said Head Coach Keith Buckley.
The Boxers are going to have to fight, fight, fight to be accepted at Pacific U. Each member of this team needs to sit down, listen to the Pacific Fight Song and question validity of a statement like “80 percent of the football team is on academic probation.”
As cheesy as “believing in yourself” sounds, it’s an attitude the Boxers need to have.
We as a community at Pacific need to back up our team too.
Even if you don’t like what football brings, the culture that didn’t have football wasn’t one that shuns and discriminates a specific group. When someone makes negative comments about the football team, people need to go to the source.
When I talked with Buckley it was the first he had heard of the rumor.
I know the football team deserves better. Make it start at the core. Boost the Boxers confidence in the classroom, and it’ll benefit their game.
Boxers especially, stop hating on yourselves.


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