Boxer Boot Camp brings fitness to Pacific faculty and staff

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Boxer Boot Camp has given both faculty and students more than just a workout.
Professionally known as the Adult Fitness Practicum, Boxer Boot Camp is a class that gives some Exercise Science seniors the opportunity to apply their skills to a real post-college-life-situation. The seniors have been training themselves to learn how to address fitness, nutrition and training concerns. They learn how to set goals with their clients and perform pre and post fitness tests on their clients.
“This gives our students hands on practicum to work with exercise fitness,” said Exercise Science professor who leads Boxer Boot Camp Rebecca Concepcion.
Boxer Boot Camp is the brainchild of Christie Norbury from the Human Resouces Department and Exercise Science professor Brian Jackson. The program is in it’s fourth year at Pacific.
All faculty members receive an email for the chance to be a client in Boxer Boot Camp. Those who reply are entered into a lottery system and depending on the number of students taking the class, that number of faculty participates in the weekly training sessions.
“We want to generate fitness and create a healthier campus,” said Concepcion.
The trainers tend to be seniors and a fairly diverse group of individuals, said Concepcion. With eight trainers this year, Concepcion said all have shown responsibility and excellent communication skills, as those are requirements to be a part of Boxer Boot Camp.
“I really enjoy working with people and getting them physically active,” said senior and trainer Brooke Toy. “It’s good to see people motivated.”
One client in particular, Math and Computer Science professor Hal Sheller has been pleased with his experiences in Boxer Boot Camp and his personal trainer Duncan Mitchell.
“To put it bluntly, you have a strong buff guy encouraging an old guy,” said Sheller. “But Duncan is really supportive.”
Sheller said that Duncan was helpful in finding exactly what Sheller needed.
“My trainer accommodates me,” said Sheller. “He finds specific exercises that address my needs.”
With aspirations to go hiking in the summer, Sheller said with the specific exercises Mitchell taught him, he thinks he will be able to accomplish that goal.
Most of the trainers are planning to go into physical therapy or physical education careers, said Concepcion. She said the skills they learn through Boxer Boot Camp are intended to apply to their life after college.
“I’ve learned that motivation is the biggest thing you can give,” said Toy. “And positive feedback.”
In her future Toy wants to teach physical education. Being able to relate to adults and make relationships with them, Toy said, has lessened her worries about connecting to a younger audience. With a boosted confidence Toy said she sees Boxer Boot Camp as a way to learn “good transferable skills.”
Sheller said he learned from this experience and plans to apply the exercises he learned for the future.
“Duncan has given me enough to work with so I can sign up at the gym and use his exercises,” said Sheller.
There have been many successes over the years and the program is growing said Concepcion. In reflection, Concepcion said everyone learns a lot through the whole process. And those involved agree.
“I’ve really enjoyed it,” said Toy “I’ve had good clients and become good friends with both of them.”
Sheller agreed, “I’ve had a wonderful experience.”


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