Women’s soccer gears up for new season

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Confidence is growing within the women’s soccer team after a strong 3-1 end to their preseason.

For the Boxers, getting wins during conference play is the ultimate goal. Head coach Morgan Crabtree said the team has a strong upper class of seniors that will help contribute to that goal.

“As a group, they have gone through many ups and downs in the program,” said Crabtree. “It would mean the world to them and to the staff if they could finish off their careers on a high note.”

In addition to the senior class, Crabtree believes the junior class will contribute a lot to the success of the team this year and is excited to see what they will bring to the table.

Despite the high standards the upper classmen hold, Crabtree does not discount the younger players.

“I will let their actions make their names known as the season progresses,” said Crabtree.

This year the team added eight freshmen players to their roster.

She said she feels confident in the ability of all her players and believes that if they continue to work hard throughout the season they can accomplish great things.

A major goal for the team this season, according to Crabtree, is for the team to improve and compete for the conference title.

She said the coaching staff expects the girls to work hard, show their commitment to the program and their teammates, and apply what they work on in training to the field.

“We encourage our athletes to never be satisfied or content with where they are currently at,” said Crabtree. “We should always be looking to raise the standard for ourselves and for those around us.”

Crabtree said another thing the team is focusing on is how they are performing during games.

She said, “This year, we will focus on generating more scoring opportunities in an attack-minded system of play. We will also look to improve our defensive organization and shape.”

Crabtree said she is looking forward to watching the team grow and improve as both individuals and teammates as the season progresses.

“They had a little taste of success last year,” said Crabtree. “I think it sparked their curiosity and drive to see what they are truly capable of as a group, assuming that they continue to work hard and push one another’s limits.”


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