Turf installation upgrade in field house

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The field house in the Stoller Center received a facelift with the completion of the installation of field turf last Friday, Sept. 23.
According to facilities manager and head coach of the baseball team Greg Bradley, Pacific University is the only Division III institution on the west coast with an indoor turf facility.
“It’s a great addition to the Stoller Center,” said Bradley. “I can see us being copied in the future by other schools.”
Bradley said the turf not only brought the field house up to date, but created a more realistic practice ground for athletes that use the field house in the off season.
“It’s somewhat similar to what they would get outside; it’s more game like” he said.
The surface is softer and replicates real grass. Some sports teams have already begun practicing on it.
The history of the field house follows a few changes. Originally it had a dirt floor in the ‘70s, then AstroTurf was installed in the ‘80s and was replaced by the last addition which was the hard floor, or tartan surface in 1992.
“The facility needed additions and this turf was the next step,” said Bradley.
According to Bradley however, the turf does limit a few sports. Basketball for example will no longer be able to play in the field house and Bradley said there will need to be some reorganization in terms of intramural sports.
“It’s a good thing we have two facilities to use,” he said.
The installation of the turf has been an ongoing six month process, from planning to actually putting it in. The money for it was earmarked from the 2010 Pacific Legends Golf Classic and $54,000 from that fundraiser was dedicated to the installation.
The university spent over $86,000 total on the upgrade.
Not only was the turf installed, the pillars and walls of the field house were also painted to give it a more appealing look. Two new murals were painted up higher on the walls, one of the Pacific P and one of the Boxer logo.
Bradley said he was pleased with the end result and excited Pacific athletics will get the chance to use an upgraded facility.
“To get it done is a great accomplishment.”


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