Trickery plays: Future goal set

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Trick plays in football are often considered as being big explosive happenings where halfbacks launch passes to the wide out, or when “flea flickers” result in game-winning touchdown passes.

This has not been the case the Pacific University Boxers.

Upon being hired at Pacific, Head Coach Keith Buckley informed fans to watch for trick plays and that they would be useful to helping the Boxers win games.

“We executed an onside kick last season against Menlo which contributed to us managing to stay in the game,” said Buckley. “We attempted two fake punts and we run different formations.”

Buckley said that there have been minimal attempts at the “glitz and glamour” plays, yet he does hold true to his early statement from his time of hire.

Accordng to Buckley the Boxers are doing subtle things to throw off the defense in order to gain extra yards.  Although the team remains winless, much of that can be contributed to the squad’s youth. Buckley said with time they will continue to get better and one day be a real force to be reckoned with.

“When starting mostly freshman and sophomores, it is hard to pull off trick plays when as a coach you’re still trying to get fundamentals done,” said Buckley.

According to Buckley, trick plays can be useful in making big yards fast, but they can also get a team into trouble. Interceptions, fumbles and turnovers in general, are a way to put a team out of the game permanently. Trick plays can cause such.

“You have to look at the risk and reward ratio,” said Buckley.


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