PU golf team rides in style

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As men and women’s golf has come to a close, they say goodbye to their unique transportation as well.

Depending on the length they had to travel, the women and men’s golf teams would take a Raz charter bus that seats 50 people.

While some would question the size of this bus considering both the men’s and women’s teams consist of only 11 players combined, the players appreciate the fine accommodations the charter has to offer.

“After six hours at a tournament it’s nice to be able to lay down and sleep,” said Jayme Hall. “We can spread out and do whatever.”

The men and women’s teams usually travel together in the same Raz charter bus, but if they are headed different places and both have to travel more than a certain number of hours, each team will take their own Raz charter bus.

Hall said it helps their game and would always be better than the alternative, being scrunched in a van.

Their time together also builds their team spirit.

“The trips we get to take every weekend during the season make us close as a team, and with our coach,” said Hall. “There’s a lot of bonding since we spend so much time on the road together.”

The teams practice together, and Hall said they practice hard.

For closer competitions the golfers do take Pacific University minivans.

In reflection of the Fall season Hall said, “We practice together, spend time together, learn together and we get to play golf for free.”

beautiful reserves, it’s great.”

For next year, the golf teams are accepting new members with some experience to join.


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