Women’s golf finishes, hopes for future victory

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Women’s golf wrapped up its fall season this October and is walking away feeling good about what they have accomplished.
The women have been working hard to get into shape and prepare for this spring. Some of the returning players are assuming the leadership roles that head coach Richard Warren hoped they would.
The women’s golf team here at Pacific has been a little bogged down as of late. An injury to key contributor Jayme Hall last season did some damage. However, Hall was back for this season and she is striving to be even healthier for the coming spring competitions.
New face also joined the team this season. Emily Thorud is a transfer student who is hoping to make a difference. Warren, who is both the head coach of the men and women’s team said Thorud is a good addition to the team.
Warren also made it clear that this was a “rebuilding season.” He said there is a lot of work to be done. But feels he has the right cast in order to create a successful team. A team that can succeed in meets for the next four years.
“I’m not going to lie,” Warren said, “We’re not going to win a championship.”
Coach Warren is aware that his team will be facing an uphill battle all season, especially in order to meet the goals they have set for themselves.
Like any good sports team, the women have set goals for their upcoming season. First they want to improve on course management. They want to learn what they can and can’t do. Second, they want to earn a better scoring average. Coach Warren says that where they are right now is not good enough.
“They are about seven-to-10 strokes above where we want to be,” he said.
And lastly, the team looks to build a more solid camaraderie. They need to bond as a team in order to win, said Warren.
“They ought to feel like family.”
The women’s golf program hasn’t had it easy this fall by any means. There were several girls that came to Pacific with the intention of playing on the team, but at the last minute backed out, deciding not to play. This did damage to Warren’s plans, leaving him scrambling to find players to fill the gaps. But according to Warren, so far so good and the teams are looking fine.
“This may not be the most talented group of girls I’ve ever coached before, but they will reach their potential because of their work ethic,” said Warren.
He said he couldn’t emphasize enough how hard the team is working to reach success.
“They are a team of grinders.”


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