Tourism showcases the positive side of football

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As Pacific football wraps up their second consecutive season at Pacific, I can’t help but look back and reflect on the whole process of restarting football at this school. I remember the debates going on with both the students and staff on whether or not having football would be beneficial to our school. I was largely indifferent to the whole discussion.

Looking back as a senior, I’m glad football did return to Pacific. I’ve noticed a large boost in Pacific’s school spirit compared to my freshmen and sophomore years at this school.

I can’t remember another sport where students put on full body paint and Pacific gear to cheer on a team that probably didn’t have the best chance of winning the game in the first place. These students did it because it’s part of the football atmosphere and part of being a Boxer.

Yes, there are several stereotypes, both negative and positive, that follow football players around, but I think football has brought a lot of promising changes to this university and community as a whole.

In an article published last Saturday, Nov. 4 in The Oregonian, several positive attributes of Pacific football were discussed. According to the article, the Forest Grove Chamber of Commerce estimated that around 700 to 900 fans came into town on home game days, which resulted in an increase of spending in local stores. Hospitality businesses such as hotels and local restaurants have greatly benefited from this influx of foot traffic. The article said that an average overnight visitor spends $87 a night while the average day visitor spends $41 per day.

Football has also done a tremendous job at reconnecting alumni to the university. This year attendance averaged 2,105 people and a high of 2,782 fans attended the homecoming game.

On homecoming day, Saturday Oct. 29 Pacific was flooded with past alumni who reconnected after several years of not seeing each other. They all came together largely due to football.

I’ll be honest; I don’t really care all that much about football in general. I couldn’t even tell you who the best teams in the NFL are, but I do care about Boxer football because of everything it has brought back to Pacific and although I may not be able to tell you what a blitz is, I’ll remain a loyal red and black fan for years to come.


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