Welsh capitalizes on dual matches for men

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Although it may appear that Pacific’s men’s wrestling team is just getting started with their regular season, the wrestlers began their full-time training schedule nearly two months ago. During their off season, the men were expected to prepare with strength training four to five times a week as well as practicing through recreational wrestling. According to Head Coach Severin Walsh, the men’s team “worked really well as far as being self-organized.”
When it comes down to the actual training itself, Walsh added that the men’s main objective was to just “stay fresh” and not lose any of the improvements they had made in their previous years. Strength training is meant to make the wrestlers stronger and faster, but is also beneficial for those who did not play other sports in the off season.
Other challenges besides getting back into shape have to do with the level of experience on this year’s roster. Walsh admitted that having primarily first and second-year students is always a concern, but “a lot of it comes down to strength, maturity and time” and this year’s team “seems to be handling it quite well” so far.
Walsh named the number-one ranked Southern Oregon University and defending National Champions Clackamas Community College as the teams to beat this year.
He added that he expects the team to make improvements from their performance in the past two years and that there are definitely “matches we can win out there.”
Setting goals is always a priority as well, according to Walsh; whether they are individual goals or team goals. Not only do they hope to qualify at least one team member for nationals this year, but Walsh said, “This ‘winning one dual a year’ thing is getting old.” He hopes that they can improve their performance in duals rather than tournaments.
Overall, Walsh’s outlook for the team is positive. With many new bonuses to the team, Walsh said that “the competition at different weight classes for starting spots is a sign of progress for the team.” The team has continued to work hard for recruiting new wrestlers and there has been a boost to the number of new athletes for the athletic program as a whole.
Walsh said that for all teams it is an “exciting time to be a Boxer.”
The Boxers next match will be Dec. 18 at 4 p.m. against Menlo College at Pacific’s Stoller Center.


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