Two football coaches leave it all on the field

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Pacific’s football team was finally able to celebrate their first win in over twenty years this season, but now they are faced with two setbacks going into their spring season.
Special Teams Coach Aaron Cloud and Tight Ends Coach Patrick Walsh have recently announced that they will leave the coaching staff at Pacific before the start of this coming season.
Cloud parts ways with Pacific because he landed a job with Claremont McKenna as a wide receivers coach in California.
“I already miss it. That first win. The students rushing the field,” said Cloud.
He said he feels sorry to be moving as he reflects on his time here coaching at Pacific and the experiences he had.
“It was a big part of me and what I did,” said Cloud.
But that said, he is leaving for California, and plans to start coaching down there sometime this week.
After spending five months at Pacific, Walsh, who is the nephew of NFL legend John Elway, decided it was time to move on.
Walsh is working as an offensive line coach for the University of Texas.
He is one of several Pacific University coaches that have made the jump from D-III competition to D-I.
Walsh started his coaching career at Foothills College in Los Altos California as a defensive line coach and special teams coordinator.
He hopes for more success with the move he is planning.
Walsh said that the team made his experience at Pacific worthwhile.
“I’ll miss the players,” he said. “Tight ends in particular.”
Walsh was adamant that the players are what made up the spirit of the Boxers football team.
“The coaching staff is great, too,” said Walsh.
Head Coach Keith Buckley has counted off four assistant coaches that have moved on to coach at D-I schools, since the football program was reinstated in 2010.
Buckley commented on his plans for replacing Cloud and Walsh.
“We’ve already started interviewing people,” said Buckley.
With the spring season already underway there is little time to spare.
Even with this setback Buckley said he is still confident in his players.
Buckley said he believes that his team will be able to adjust efficiently to whoever may take over the roles of special teams coach and tight ends coach.
He is confident that the team will have no problem adapting to the changes.
With constant change in any college program, Buckley is aware of the challenges that are ahead.
But he said he is excited for the coming year and the preparation that will go into it.
After starting with only freshman in 2010, Buckley said the team is looking for major success this coming fall to.
Spring season started on Feb. 27.


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