Planning for future seasons: Wrestlers aim to improve next year

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As the men’s wrestling program finished up its 2011-2012 season at the National Collegiate Athletic Association Division III Great Lakes Regional in Minneapolis, Minn. there was a promising effort on behalf of the athletes to finish out the year.
Head Coach for the men’s and women’s wrestling teams, Severin Walsh, was pleased with the work his athletes have accomplished in the season overall and especially in the NCAA tournament.
“The season was great winning more matches and having a lot more individual success,” said Walsh. “We went to the regional tournament last year sending only seven and this year we sent nine.”
The nine athletes that competed in the NCAA tournament were Zach Binkerd with a tournament record of 0-2, Eric Harder with a tournament record of 0-2, Ryan Baxter with a tournament record of 2-2 and placing sixth overall, Michael Tyner with a tournament record of 0-2, Bruce Balcita with a tournament record of 0-2, Caleb Malychewski with a tournament record of 3-2 and placing fourth overall, Andrew Bolton with a tournament record of 0-2, Wes Heredia with a tournament record of 0-2 and William Ulrich with a tournament record of 0-2. The overall outcome of the tournament put the boxers in twelfth place out of 15 teams.
The highlight for the Boxer team was when sophomore Caleb Malychewski took fourth place in the tournament, even though the personal pressures he put on himself were not reached.
“Taking fourth was not my goal for the tournament,” said Malychewski. “Coach had us make goals and I wanted to place in the top three. However, I know that my first couple matches I wrestled very well and then my last two matches were disappointing for myself. I had two opportunities to go to nationals and wasn’t able to capitalize. So overall I wish I could have done better.”
Walsh stated that he was very proud of Malychewski and Baxter for placing in the tournament because every year the tournament has tough athletes to compete against. Being able to take guys to compete is an accomplishing feeling as a coach, said Walsh.
“We had some guys that could have performed better, but we all wrestled hard,” Malychewski said. “After talking to some of the guys, I know and they know that we haven’t lived up to our potential.
He did give credit to the fresh face on the team for all his effort though.
“Baxter did an awesome job at wrestling at regional’s and being a freshman,” said Malychewski. “He has a promising future in the program.”
The boxers went for a season total of 3-9, but wrestling is different in that they wrestle schools in all different kinds of levels, not just Division III.
Overall, Walsh said that he is most proud of the teams’ level of competition this year and that has been much better then years past with such a young team.
“We have kids that are buying into the vision and working year round to accomplish their goals,” said Walsh.


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