Softball’s dynamic leads to successes

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The dynamic of Pacific’s softball team has been one of the leading factors in their successes this season. Their teamwork could be the key to defeating the reigning Linfield wild cats March 17 at the Sherman-Larkins Stadium.
“It feels wonderful,” said Head Coach Tim Hill. “The team’s make-up is as good as we’ve had it in the past five years.”
This is accredited both to the senior leadership returning, but also the incoming talent of freshmen on the team. Hill said the four returning seniors are role models for the eight new freshmen.
“The freshmen are fitting in extremely well,” said Hill. “It’s been a smooth transition for them. They’ve accepted their roles on the team.”
In their last game on March 11 against Whitworth, freshmen Chloe Hansen earned a save by fanning rivals infielder, Heather Hesselgesser. The other freshmen have contributed to the games as well this season and have upperclassmen leadership cheering them on as well.
The softball seniors are “the heart and soul of the team,” said Hill, with that experience and support every Boxer on the team is on the same page.
“They have guided the underclassmen and set an example,” said Hill.
That example has been seen in games like when they played Willamette March 3 in a doubleheader.
The Boxers biggest rival is Willamette who is 6-4 in conference, compared to the Boxers, who are standing right under them at 6-6.
In that doubleheader, the Boxers first fell to the Bearcats in the first game 12-7 in inning 8, but the Boxers didn’t give up and refused to end on a loss. In the second game the Boxers came back to win against Willamette 12-4 in inning 6.
“The first game was forgotten,” said Hill in regards to the comeback. “We played well the first game but didn’t finish it.”
The biggest challenge the team has faced is their comfort level during practices. Because they do so well during practices when the pressure of the game comes, Hill said that sometimes the nerves kick in at inopportune moments.
“We’re trying to replicate the game atmosphere into our practices,” said Hill. “It’s had a very positive effect.”
Considering that the Boxers have had two errors in the past five games, the pressure that Hill is putting on the ladies has shown through. By making things harder and more uncomfortable for the girls, Hill said, he has seen the improvements. Another challenge is that the team is freshman-heavy and thus more inexperienced than some of the other teams in conference. After Hill noted this as an obstacle, he said there is no way to overcome that than to play the game.
Overall the goals are set for the ten games softball has left to play this season.
“Win,” said Hill. “We want to be the team with the most runs. If we lose one game, we want to win the next.”


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