Holce tennis courts have it all covered

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The Holce Tennis Courts received a more professional look with new walls.
These walls were built around the perimeter of the courts on the east, west and south side.
The Thomas J. Holce Tennis Courts were finished at Pacific in May 2009.
The courts are at the junction of University Avenue and Cedar Street. The courts are adjacent to the former Tom Reynolds Soccer Field.
The new walls are meant to combat the issues that were a constant with the courts before the remodel, said Men’s Head Coach Brian Jackson.
He said that two major issues the players faced were the lack of visibility on sunny days and water problems the team faced when it rained.
Because the courts were open on all sides before, sunlight used to momentarily blind the Boxers, which made it difficult to see the opponent.
When it rained, the slanted courts would accumulate water that challenged the Boxers playing conditions.
The new walls now block out the sun and keep out water on the courts on rainy days.
Jackson said that with the walls in place the conditions for the players have improved.
Because of the walls the players are more comfortable in their game.
“The facility looks more professional,” said Jackson. “It was a great recreational facility but as a competitive facility it had some issues before the walls were put in.
Steps are being taken to make the facility more competitive as far as other facilities in the area.
Jackson said he hopes summer plans will go in effect which include a fourth wall and a covered spectator area.
Jackson said they had been pushing for the walls to be put on the courts for a while.
This change was low on the priority list though, espeically compared to other concerns. Other issues that have taken precedence have been fixing the  rook on the courts.
The order for improvements was submitted and is to be reviewed by the University.


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