Senior Boxers reflect on their tennis years

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Five members of the men’s tennis team prepare to say goodbye as the senior players near the end of their tennis career at Pacific.
“Tennis has given me an outlet from everything in life and has helped shape me into who I am today,” said senior Evan Liu. “Not only is it an outlet from school work, but we have developed into a family, which is what I love about our team.”
This season was a great success for the Boxers.
They stand second in the Northwest Conference right behind Whitman College.
Their 11-1 conference record and 13-5 overall have been the best since Head Coach Brian Jackson has started coaching at Pacific.
As the program has grown, so have the players and their skills.
“I feel like I’ve grown as a player a lot in terms of maturity,” said senior Hector Alcayde. “How I am off the court greatly reflects how I am on the court.”
The team has shone this semester, only losing one conference game to nationally ranked Whitman.
This season’s success was a long time goal for many of the graduating seniors from the beginning of their careers with Boxer Athletics.
“When I first came to Pacific the program was just beginning and I made it a goal of mine to bring this team to the top of the conference during my four years,” said senior Spencer Hing. “It means a lot to me to see my hard work payoff.”
Along with the monopoly of wins the Boxers have won on the court, they also had the opportunity to travel as a team to Orlando, Fla.
There they were able to play nationally ranked teams.
While in Orlando, the Boxers won one game against Grinnell College out of their four games.
This experience was one of the many the senior Boxers have reflected upon and look back on fondly.
“Senior day has been by far the highlight of the season,” said Liu. “It concluded our time as seniors and to the best year we’ve seen.”
Although they are leaving, the seniors are still looking toward the future of the program.
Hing said within the team a lot of players stepped up this season.
This gives him and other seniors confidence that the Boxers will continue to show success in the years to come.
“Our team’s really close,” said Hing. “We pride ourselves in having a good team bond.”
The seniors credit their success to their positive team dynamic.
They hope the team continues to be as secure in the future.
“Continue being a team, because that’s what brought us to the conference tournament,” said Alcayde.
With the time to move on looming in a couple months, the senior Boxers are still is shock about the change nearing them.
“It’s surreal,” said Hing. “It makes you appreciate every match, practice and work out.”
For the seniors, the hard work paid off and the end of the season is bitter sweet.
“This has been an incredible journey,” said Alcayde. “I’m glad to have ended it with my teammates this year.”


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