Senior encourages staying active in sports

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I’ve had a lot of fun being the sports editor for the Pacific Index the past two years and I think that role has rubbed off on the way I see things.
As I prepare to graduate and look back on my past four years here, there is some sports related knowledge I would like to pass on.
If you want to join a sport, do it. Or at least try.
When I was coming into my freshman year I wasn’t sure if I wanted to continue playing soccer in college.
After playing all through high school I thought I needed a break for a while.
I ultimately ended up deciding that I didn’t want to play because I wanted to focus on school but every year when soccer season came around I kept wondering, ‘what if.’
I was lucky enough to be able to play with a great intramural team, (Sand Box Legends for life) and had a lot of fun doing that, but no longer playing competitive soccer was something I really missed throughout college.
While I saw some of my friends who had decided to play their sport in college drop it because they were burnt out and others pick up playing competitively in their later years of colleges because they missed it so much, I was impressed that they all at least tried.
So basically what I’m trying to say is at least give playing a shot if that’s what you want to do.
Don’t let anything hold you back because it’s never too late to play, until it is.
Stay involved.
I’ve had a lot of good times going to sporting events with friends, especially in the rare moments when the sun was shining outside and we’ve got to go out and enjoy it while watching a game.
I think going to a home game not only allows you to show support for your fellow Boxers, but the atmosphere of watching a game and cheering everyone on is a big part of college.
Whether you’re a part of the crowd leading the wave around the football bleachers, or sitting quietly as you anxiously wait for a close game to play out, it’s all a part of being a fan.
Remain Active.
What a lot of people don’t realize is how many opportunities this school has for students to stay active.
The Outback has countless outings in all seasons for a reasonable price, so take them up on one of their offers. Go surfing, rockclimbing, anything.
In the real world those kind of outings cost way more and now is the time to go out and experience as much as you can, especially because Pacific is in such a great location.
We’re surounded by the coast and the mountain and I know Outback does a lot of activities that involve both.
There’s also a lot of clubs on campus that incorporate sports such as rugby, ultimate Frisbee or handball.
I played handball for three years and not only did I get to go all around the nation to play, I met a lot of really cool people and will be able to play handball long after college is over.
Even if it’s just going outside to toss around the Frisbee, soak up those moments and take advantage of those opportunities now.
So go out and watch a game, try out for the sport you were thinking of playing again, and stay active in whatever way you can because one day you’ll be leaving this school like I am and hopefully you’ll have taken full advantage of every opportunity while you had the chance.


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