Baseball makes history with big win

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Not a single player on the Pacific baseball team was even alive when the team won its last conference championship.

In fact, it has been so long, that the last time they won they were a part of the NAIA classification, not Division III.

On April 29, 2012, the team brought home its first Northwest Conference Championship in 33 years.

The last time the baseball team could celebrate being the best in their conference was in 1979, when the team could still offer scholarships to players for athletics.

“It is certainly one of the highlights of my coaching career,” said Head Coach Greg Bradley.

Junior Rob Ditrick carried Pacific this season as he brought six wins to the table and competed again for NWC pitcher of the year.

Ditrick is not the only standout player in the program however.

Seniors Jared Van Hoon, Nate Rasmussen and Kevin Schwartz all combined to put forth a tremendous effort this year.

Others to be recognized for their effort and hard work are senior Mike Nagamine, juniors Nick Tasaka, Michael Arakaki and sophomore Jordan Siu. Sui split time at catcher with senior Allan Cushing.

Arakaki had one of the best fielding percentages in the conference as an infielder and Tasaka had a game-winning hit against the University of Puget Sound to keep hopes for a championship alive.

Despite being able to say the team made conference champs, there is a small taint to the label.

They must share their success with Whitworth.

Pacific lost two out of three to Whitworth during their series in Spokane and Whitworth won their last eight games of the season to make a miraculous comeback to catch Pacific on the final game of the year.

After such a stunning and remarkable year, the team still hopes to advance into the post-season.

No final decision or information will be disclosed until May 16, but Bradley believes there is still a chance for the Boxers to play.

The team has scheduled practices for Thursday, May 3, and Friday, May 4, to keep the team in shape. This is in case they do advance into the post season.

“The first thing that came to my mind when we won over Pacific Lutheran University was how great it was for current players, parents and coaches to have a shot at sharing a conference championship,” said Bradley.

Bradley said, “It represents years and years of hard work and determination by players and coaches in the program.”

Bradley said he is very proud of this particular group of young men, and that he is happy to see how much success they have achieved.

“Seeing young men believe in themselves and succeed,” was one of his greatest privileges.

The West Regional rankings are still in the works, but Bradley is hoping to know soon if the Boxers will be continuing their season so he can prepare them for their next opponent.


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