Editor gives praise to fans

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As the new sports editor taking over, I’d like to commend the spirit on campus during this academic school year.

I play baseball here at Pacific and was proud to see so many of my classmates out to support us on our final home games.

It certainly made a difference in the series against the University of Puget Sound, which was a crucial sweep enabling us to maintain a first place lead.

This support should not be taken lightly. It fuels our athletic teams to see a large crowd behind them, observing, and cheering them on.

It gives them someone and something to play for.

Pacific’s baseball program just won its first North West Conference championship in 33 years, and much of that is thanks to the constant support of our fans.

Next fall the Boxers football team will need that same kind of support.

After picking up their first win last year under the reign of head coach Keith Buckley, the team is considered to be on the rise and far more competitive next year than their previous two seasons.

Don’t forget about soccer either. Or any sport at Pacific.

If you haven’t been to a swim meet, track meet, softball game, or lacrosse match you should go.

Pacific wrestling has had players compete in national championships, and handball is a constant national championship competitor. Although it is not a varsity sport, it is highly competitive and entertaining to watch.

Pacific athletics as a whole are exciting and competitive. There will be plenty of chances to cheer on your fellow classmates, so don’t miss out.

The amount of effort that goes into being a full time student athlete, some of whom hold down part time jobs as well, is great.

These students accomplish a special feat and deserve to be recognized, so keep up the good work Pacific.

I look forward to bringing you the most accurate, credible, and exciting news worthy of the Index’s distribution.


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