Athletic department apologizes for DUI

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On July 30, 2012 a Driving UI was issued to the head coach of the men’s soccer team.

The citation was confirmed by Washington County records.

James Brazeau was leaving the Pacific annual Legend’s Golf tournament in Aloha, Ore. when he was cited for driving under the influence of alcohol.

Multiple attempts were made to contact Brazeau about the citation, however a series of events kept the coach from commenting on the matter.

The court is requiring Brazeau to complete an alcohol diversion program.

If he completes the program the DUI will be expunged off his record because this is his first offense.

Athletic Director Ken Schumann released a statement on Sept. 10 that Brazzeau “is taking steps to address the issue, we stand behind him as he completes diversion.”

The statement ensured that Brazeau is apologetic for his actions, and that he is going to work to make things right.

He also wanted to send his apologies to his players, colleagues, family, and the university in its entirety for the problems his DUI has caused.

Schumann declared, “It is my hope that this will provide a reminder that drinking and driving is never acceptable under any circumstance.”

At the end of the statement, Schumann made it clear that this was the only statement the university would have on the matter.

Brazeau will remain head coach of the men’s soccer team, as the season is already under way.


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