Boxer Tickets

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Last year students were able to pick up their tickets to football games days in advance for convenience.

This year things have changed.

According to Athletic Director Ken Schumann, students who attended football games were rarely picking up their tickets in advance.

Another issue was that of the students who did pick up their tickets early, a good portion misplaced or lost them before the game.

Without their first ticket, they were issued new ones at the gate. This left next to no reason for there to be a pre-ticket process at all.

No tickets were offered in advance for any other sport aside from football, so the athletic department feels this puts them all back on a level playing field.

Schumann wrote; “We felt this would be easier for students to just show up and get their ticket and not have to worry about keeping track of it during the week.”

There have been no complaints thus far, in fact many students hadn’t even noticed the absence of the early ticket pick up in the university center.

Students still support football.


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