Injuries pile up but Boxers push through

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Injuries have been piling up for the Boxer’s football team lately.

Starting Quarterback T.C. Campbell went down with a season ending torn ACL in week one against Simon Fraser.

All NWC wide receiver Jordan Fukumoto is also out for the year with a  broken leg.

Head Coach Keith Buckley , however, is confident that the team has enough depth to rally past these disappointing injuries.

Backup Quarterback P.J. Minaya stepped into the role and contributed to the Boxer’s second win since being reinstated in 2010.

Minaya threw for 207 yards, doubling the passing total for the previous week.

He also passed for one touchdown and an interception in the Boxer’s 27-6 victory.

Both Campbell and Minaya came into this season taking reps with the starting offense. Buckley said it was “fifty-fifty” as far as playing time was concerned Minaya was going to still have a roll on the field even without Campbell’s injury.

Buckley said Tuesday, “Nothing changes.”

He feels that the Boxer’s face no set-back after losing Campbell and Fukumoto. He has complete confidence in the rest of his wide receiver crew and in Minaya.

Buckley noted some of his deadliest weapons in his receiver arsenal; Jakob Lawrence, Darin Kamealoha, Kelson Kuwai and Blake Anthony. All of whom, he said, were capable of making big plays at big moments.

In the last two games, 12 receivers have already caught a pass.

The Boxer’s are on a bye week this week. Buckley said, “It couldn’t have come at a better time for us.”

Having this weekend to game plan and reorganize the offense will play a crucial roll in determining the Boxer’s fate against Willamette on the 22nd.

There have been other injuries on the team as well, but Buckley casually said, “That’s just part of the game.”

As for Campbell and Fukumoto, Buckley believes they will be able to get a medical red-shirt. That means they will not lose a year of eligibility for being injured.

Right now the pair is expected to act as “player-coaches”.

They will be expected to participate in game plan strategy, and Campbell will act as a “sounding board for Minaya on issues that come up throughout practice and the upcoming games.

With no reason to watch over his shoulder any longer, Minaya is looking to put up big numbers, no longer worried about someone stealing his job.

The job is his.

And he is working to bring more wins to an already vastly improved Boxer’s football team.




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