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Fans of Pacific’s football team have done an amazing job of holding tight, being patient and waiting for the good results to come.

After the win against Occidental, the boxers are starting to show signs that they have reached a turning point. This is, after all, the first time the team has been even in its record in more than 20 years.

The Boxers owe a good deal of thanks to the fans who have come out to support the team each weekend.

Two years ago when the Boxers went 0-9 in their debut season, fans still gathered in body paint, screaming and cheering deep into the late fourth quarter action.

Judging by our Boxer Nation student standing area every Saturday,  nothing has changed. Fan’s are always energized and excited, even when we are losing by large margins. All it takes is one great catch, or one spectacular tackle in the backfield.

One play and our fans are electrified into a state of hysteria.

Despite the Boxers 2-19 overall record, supporters of the team are still enthusiastic about each game.

Fans show up week after week, determined and ready to take on the Linfields, Puget Sounds, and Whitworths of our conference.

While the team continues to build toward the future, the fans have not relented in their ferocious cheers.

Even though the game against Occidental was on the road, fans still showed their support by attending a live stream of the game in McGill auditorium. Almost 30 people were there.

One thing we believe would be a great addition to Saturday football is if students would line the entrance onto the field, creating a tunnel like atmosphere for the players. High-fives, screaming, yelling, anything to keep our players fired up.

We want to show our Boxers that we are the rowdiest, loudest, and most exciting stadium to play at in the North West Conference.

The support is appreciated, and greatly admirable.

This is an exciting time for Boxer’s football. The team is made up mostly of sophomores and juniors. These are the players that are going to make the difference this and next year.

The buzz can be heard all over campus, as the team progresses with every passing week. Boxer football is back, and it is packing a punch.


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