Football is on the winning track again

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Last year Pacific’s football team decimated the University of Puget Sound in the homecoming game. This year, the Boxers fell just shy of knocking off Whitworth in a 28-25 loss.

Despite the disappointment of losing such a close game, the Boxers kept a positive attitude and went to work the very next week against UPS, who they thwarted 62-21.

Quarterback P.J. Minaya threw for 276 yards and four touchdowns in the Boxers’ highest scoring game since 1930.

Running backs Gunther Schultze and Bobbi Ladiges combined for 23 carries and 123 yards.

The win was a combined effort between stellar offense and solid defense. The Boxers got off to a good start after forcing a fumble on just the second play of the game.

The Boxers are now 2-3, which is the best record they have had since football has been reinstated as a varsity sport at Pacific. It’s the first time they have won multiple games.

They are scheduled to play Pacific Lutheran University at home on Oct. 13.

PLU is 2-2 overall and 1-1 in conference play. They beat the Boxers last year but this year are just a half a game better in the standings.

PLU has also had trouble stopping the pass, which is perhaps the Boxers biggest asset with a wide arsenal of receivers and the steady arm of Minaya.

The Boxers are looking to bring in a book win at home, which would bring the team to .500 at the two-thirds mark of the season.

This is not necessarily a must win for the team, but the following week they go on the road to face 4-1 Lewis and Clark.

The Boxers still have yet to face Linfield yet this season and when they do, they will face them on the road for the last game of the year.

Still leaps and bounds have been made this season.

The team has struggled through the adversity of losing its starting quarterback in T.C. Campbell, as well as star wide receiver Jordan Fukumoto, both of whom are out for the season.

Things are definitely picking up for the Boxers. They get better and better every week and have been competitive in almost every game so far this season.

Fans are coming to games now expecting to win, not hoping.

There is a different air around campus. Heads are held high, and paint is worn with excitement and pride.

The team is sending a message to the rest of the conference. A message that’s been 20 years in the making. The Pacific football team is winning again.


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