Pacific coach wins his 100th game

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Head coach of the men’s soccer team Jim Brazeau recently picked up his 100th career win as a Boxer coach.

Brazeau is a former student and soccer player from Pacific.

He played in the 1980’s and helped the team reach the NAIA Division II championship in 1986. He is in his 13th year as head coach and put together a masterful team in 2010 that won the Northwest Conference Championship for the first time since 1996.

Brazeau has coached many players throughout the years and has inspired many to work harder on and off the field.

Sophomores Ian Ward and Babek Ebadpour commented that Brazeau works very hard at getting the most out of the team as possible.

Ward also said that Brazeau cares a lot about his players and wants to get the best out of them on and off the field.

Ward said his first impression of Brazeau was that he was very outgoing and nice.

He said Brazeau struck him as a guy who knew what he was talking about. Also Ward said after talking to Brazeau he made his decision to come to Pacific.

On the day Brazeau got his 100th win his team captain Antonio Madeddu went down with a torn ACL. Ebadpour said it was the main concern after the game for Brazeau, not the milestone for career wins.

Ward said Brazeau gave a small talk among the players after the game about the win, and that he was very humble.

This season has not panned out the way Ward and Ebadpour thought it would.

They were concerned with an overall record of 4-12 and 2-9 in conference, but they said Brazeau is working with them to get better and prepare for next year.

The Boxers still have to face Pacific Lutheran, Puget Sound and George Fox. The team is looking at it as a chance to improve and make a statement.

They want to come out stronger and better than ever as they strive to become a team that is tough to beat in every match.

They want to get back to the level they were at two years ago. Contending for a conference championship.


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