ESPN, flea-flicker dazzles home crowd

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The Pacific University Boxers have done it again.
Last year the Boxers were featured on Sports Center for a blocked point after, which they returned for a 100-yard touchdown. The play was the no. 1 highlight of the evening.
On Nov. 3, the Boxers made the highlight reel again. This time not no. 1, but still recongized.
Boxers’ quarterback P.J. Minaya handed the ball off in  a trick play where half-back Gunther Schultze returned the favor by pitching it back to Minaya.
Wide receiver Jakob Lawrence sprinted down field against man to man coverage and caught a long bomb heaved to the endzone by Minaya.
The catch signified a tightly-fought battle in which the Boxers came up just short of their fourth win.
The team will have an oportunity on the road for its final game this season, when they take on Linfield, to win their fourth game.


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