Lacrosse handles long road trip with ease

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Being put to the test time and time again, the lacrosse team has been through some tough battles in the last few weeks of play.

After a hard fought 60 minutes of play, the Boxers took their first loss of the season to Allegheny, a team travelling to Forest Grove from Meadville, Pa.

The scoring margin was a mere one goal between the two teams, which was scored in the final seconds of the game.

Although the final outcome didn’t land in favor of the Boxers, there was nothing to be disappointed about.

Sophomore Amy Mayhugh played one of her most productive games of the season. She ended up one goal below her season high, scoring five, which helped the Boxers gain a lead in the first half.

Also adding to the numbers were junior Kaitlyn Harper and seniors Kristen Dick and Kelly Stevens. Harper managed to put in three goals while Dick and Stevens had two each.

Despite the 13 scored on this end of the field, the opposing Allegheny managed to sneak 14 by senior goalie Brittany Hartmann, despite her season high 14-save game.

Losing is never something a team as competitive as this lacrosse team wants to do.

However, Head Coach Wynne Lobel understands the importance of it. “All of our games are learning experiences, adventures really. Allegheny taught us some good lessons and we moved forward from there.”

Forward, in this case, was a three game trip to Colorado Springs, Colo.

The Boxers came home with a 1-2 record for the week, but that didn’t take away anything from the experience.

“Colorado was amazing. We traveled efficiently, showed up to play under adverse and wild conditions, were smart about the changes in altitude, and leaned on family and friends to support us there. It was an epic spring training week,” Lobel said.

By the time the team returned to Forest Grove for another home stand, they sat at 5-4. Then came the Puget Sound Loggers, a Northwest Conference rival.

In their previous meeting this season, in Tacoma, Wash., the Boxers won 16-14.

This time was no different. The Boxer’s held their ground with a comfortable 15-10 win.

After being away for a whole week, this was a great way to re-energize the team who is ready to take on the final part of the season.

Now there are three matches left for the women. First, they will host the Linfield Wildcats who received the first loss the Boxer’s handed out this year.

This game will take place Friday, April 12 at 6:00 p.m. at Lincoln Park Stadium.

To close the season the Boxers will take another road trip, this time to Michigan. Here, they will play two more games.

Lobel said the aspect she is most proud of is the ability of the team to move forward. “They arrive every day wanting to learn new things.” As demanding as this sport is, this quality only makes it that much more rewarding.

With an abundance of excitement going into the final stretch of the season, the Boxer’s are sure to go out with a bang.


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