Softball unity brings success

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The softball team this year is stepping it up in terms of playing as a unit and in giving their all in every single game.

“It’s like we are all separate puzzle pieces that fit perfectly together,” said junior Kylee Oshiro.

In March, softball head coach Tim Hill announced his retirement from coaching to be able to focus more on his family and his health. With his retirement, the softball team has become more determined than ever to give the coach a memorable and successful final season.

The members of the softball team have been working very hard to ensure that they are able to do their very best when it comes to game time. According to Oshiro, assistant coach Liz Yandall has introduced a conditioning program that has really helped the team be able to have more stamina for their longer games and give them the upper hand.

The immediate goal for the team is to try and focus on the small things. By focusing on one task at a time, they should be able to have many smaller accomplishments that will lead into a bigger completion.

“We try and focus on each pitch and winning every inning,” said senior Sara Aasness. “Staying aggressive on the bases, limiting walks, putting the ball in play every at bat and contributing any way that you can, even if that is leading a cheer in the dugout, or catching in the bullpen for a warming up pitcher.”

The dynamic of the team is a fully supportive one. According to Aasness, the team has one of the best chemistries that she has ever been a part of, and being able to be together on and off the field has really helped build accountability and support.

One of the minor problems that the team is having, according to senior Rebecca Moen, is that they are “timid in the games because [they] don’t want to let each other down.”

One way that they are overcoming this is through their strength as a team and how solid their support is for one another. By continuing to have strong individuals coming together to play great games, the softball team has a very good chance of making it to playoffs this year.

“Every game someone different steps up whichever way they can,” said Aasness. “When we all contribute, we are unstoppable.”


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