Baseball finishes season strong

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Although statistically, the 2014 season was not ideal, the baseball team ended their season on a high note with a season-high comeback. The close-knit team said goodbye to head coach Greg Bradley and graduating seniors.

The team started off the season positively, with a win against a nationally ranked team, Texas Lutheran University.

While their season record was lower than expected, finishing 4-20 in league and 13-25 overall, sophomore pitcher Nate Montgomery said the record didn’t show what they were capable of and that the majority of their games were lost by one point or went into extra innings.

As the season progressed, however, Montgomery said the team began playing better and better.

“We were definitely playing our best game by the end of the season,” he said.

During the last game, on senior night and the last game of Bradley’s career, the team wracked up two home wins against Puget Sound University.

While they started out with the Boxers behind 4-0, they came back and finished their last game with a win of 8-6.

“We were really happy we got to send the seniors and coach Bradley out on a good note,” Montgomery said. “Being able to do that was the highlight of my year.”

While the play on the field was disappointing at times, the team never let their records get them down. Montgomery said they motivated each other on and off the field and stayed positive no matter what was happening.

Off the field, the team was rarely seen apart from each other. Montgomery said the team chemistry they have is unlike any other on the Pacific University campus.

“We always want to be together and have fun,” he said. “We all hang out together on weekends, during the week, for dinner and anything else we can find.”

As the team says goodbye to Bradley and the seniors, their close-knit dynamic will take a hit because of how close they have grown.

Montgomery said he will miss the sense of Bradley wanting to bring a good vibe to the team.

“He is always trying to put a smile on our faces,” he said.

Among many other memories, Montgomery said he will always remember Bradley messing with sophomore outfielder Justin Strayer during relay races.

Montgomery said that, while he will miss all of the seniors, he will miss senior infielder Levi Peterson the most.

“Levi was the first friend I met at Pacific,” Montgomery said. “He’s been a great friend to me.”

As the season wraps up and the team says goodbye to their friends and coach they are confident their unique dynamic and dedication will continue into the next season and many seasons after that.


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