Volleyball travels to California

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Daily practices, meetings and traveling are some of the commitments that make being a player on a Division III team.

Pacific’s volleyball team recently came back from a trip to California to play against various colleges. University of California Santa Cruz, Cal Tech and Mills College are the teams the lady boxers fought against in Santa Cruz and Oakland.

The team had two wins and one loss.

Aside from their games, the volleyball team explored the different cities that they visited.

“We got to go to the beach boardwalk, most of us got hennas and these amazing ice cream and cookie sandwiches,” said sophomore middle blocker Hannah Smargiassi.

Yet with the desire to soak in their atmosphere, maintaining their academics and homework is something that comes into question.

“Everyone on the team did homework, some were doing it the entire weekend. I got almost all of my homework completed on the trip,” said Smargiassi.

Even though she stayed caught up with her academics, Smargiassi said that missing her classes was still difficult.

“It was so hard to get back in class even if we only missed one class from the week before. Especially my Economics 327 class, I felt like I had no idea what I was doing,” Smargiassi said.

Missing lectures and the chance to get questions answered by the professor are a few things that Smargiassi was concerned about when leaving for California.

The team traveled to Colorado last year and competed. For them the only thing that they were worried about was their performance because of the elevation difference.

“Traveling may or may not affect a teams game play,” said Smargiassi.

The pressure to maintain students’ athletic skills and academic standing are something that is showing to be more manageable with evidence from their trip to San Francisco.

With their exploration of AT&T park, the Fisherman’s Wharf, Pier 39 and University of California Berkley’s campus, they still managed to stay on top of their school work.


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