Getting fresh faces: Swimming readies for upcoming meets

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The 2014-2015 swim season looks strong with fifteen incoming freshmen and a handful of Northwest Conference title winning men and women seniors.

With no meets yet to be held, the swim team has been in the pool twice every day from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m. in the morning and one to three in the afternoon.

Even though they do mostly waterwork,thehavebeenhaving dry land drills two to three times a week.

Head coach Alec Webster said many of the advanced swimmers and upperclassmen doalotofworkinthegymas well to help build endurance and stamina.

“Good swimmers get into the weight room. It is a good commitment, don’t complain and get it done,” said Webster.

With the majority of the team being upperclassmen, coach Webster said he is pleased with the commitment to taking in the underclassmen and making sure they get their feet wet.

“I am very proud of the senior leadership and captains, Katie Porter, Stacie Struble, Evan

Burrell and Spencer Chandler and the whole leadership and upperclassmen,” he said. “They have been great to the newcomers.”

Along with keeping up academics and athletic ability, swimmers have to learn how to work around and sacrifice certain aspects of their social lives.

With practice every morning during the week and meets every Friday and Saturday once season starts, Webster said sleep becomes a major aspect.

“They have to be dedicated to school and swimming and willing to sacrifice the social aspects to succeed,” Webster said.

With that in mind, Webster said he supports the team physically and mentally and is there to help motivate them and get their ducks in a row.

Webster said that, while there are many challenging aspects to their long season, actually getting out of bed and to the pool is the hardest part.

“Hopefully swimming is the reward, going on trips an winning meetings and having that competition should make all of the early mornings worth it,” he said.

The team’s first invitational will take them to Willamette University Oct. 31.


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