Stoller receives new machines

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The Stoller Center has been a hot topic among the administration and students as our population continues to grow and the number of student athletes nears 50 percent. While a move to expand the Stoller Center has yet to happen, new employees like Intramural Coach Skyler Archibald are striving to utilize the fitness center to its full potential.

“[The fitness center] is not as big as we want it, but we want to make it great for everyone,” said Archibald.

The athletic budget and the student recreation fee are funding new pieces of athletic equipment that will be installed in the Stoller Center sometime between winter term and spring semester.

Archibald explained that the goal is to utilize the fitness center better by removing some equipment.

“We’re getting a couple of new pieces we don’t have and replacing a few that are a little out dated,” said Archibald.

The new equipment includes a glute/ham machine, cable crossover system, lat machine with low row, bumper plates and stairclimber machine.

“We’re always looking for ways to improve, “said Director of Student Activities Steve Klein. “It’s a pretty impressive room. It’s just a matter of we need more of it.”

Klein said he has seen what needs to be fixed first hand by using the fitness center to exercise. He also said by being the director of student activities he is always looking for ways to improve the resources on campus.

Archibald said the addition of new equipment is a step toward keeping the fitness center current and make it usable for all students.


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