Faculty commentary: Athletic absences

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Faculty have been a bit dismayed at what appears to us as a marked increase in missed class time for many of our athletes.

The extension of the JV program may have something to do with this.

N e a r l y every faculty I know and have heard from is  very supportive of athletics and we make every effort to accommodate our students and coaching staff.

Indeed, many faculty here were student-athletes in college as well (I was a mere student- surfer), so we understand its importance in our students’ lives.

Yet it’s difficult to feel that students are well served academically when they’re  missing an inordinate amount of class time, and I would define “inordinate” as more than three classes (that’s my definition, to be clear, for others it is likely different).

The issue here, as I understand it, is not a binary either/or situation, but rather one of balance.

How can we serve our students well both as scholars and athletes?

Missing a lot of class, which presumably students are here for the class time, doesn’t seem to be serving them well.


Professor Greer is an anthropology professor and is speaking toward the new implementation of a Junior Varsity program at Pacific, specifically the Junior Varsity baseball program. Read the April 23 issue for furthered discussion on the strain between JV athletics and academics.


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