New programs come to intramurals

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For many years the options for intramural sports at Pacific University has been limited. Only a few sports such as basketball, volleyball, and soccer have been offered in the past.

This year Pacific has offered a wide variety of new intramural programs and recreational activities.

Director of Intramurals and Recreation Skyler Archibald, has already helped establish and organize

new activities such as flag football, kickball, ultimate frisbee, zumba, and a variety of other exercise activities in his first year working at Pacific.

“We have tried to expand and better organize our basketball, volleyball, and soccer programs,” Archibald said. “I think that the biggest thing [intramurals] does is provide more opportunities for students to get out of their dorms and do something active.”

Archibald adds that one of his goals is to increase involvement in as many of the activities as possible and the program has been making progress toward this goal. The activities have already gotten more popular and involvement with intramurals has increased so far this year.

There was a great response to the new flag football program that was offered during both fall and spring semesters.

This spring, the championship game featured a team of students from the physical therapy department along with another team that was filled with a variety of athletes from different sports.

“It was very entertaining to watch,” Archibald said.

Currently, the main concern for the intramural program is informing students about the new activities being offered.

Contact Archibald if you are interested in joining intramurals and visit


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