Lacrosse finishes undefeated

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“We have had the best record we’ve ever had,” said Head Women’s Lacrosse Coach Wynne Lobel, “It was awesome, a great year.”

The women’s lacrosse team started their season on shaky ground but by the end they came out 8-0 in the Northwest Conference.

“We came in humble and hardworking and we knew that confidence was something we worked together on which everybody did,” said Lobel. “Everybody improved their benchmark.”

Lobel credited seasonal success to the team  as a whole and to the individuals who took on leadership roles and were able to bring the team closer and stronger.

Among those individuals was senior Amy Mayhugh, who was named the first-ever lacrosse NWC player of the year. Mayhugh also won First Team All-NWC laurels as a midfielder. She was joined on the First Team All-NWC by sophomore April Lanz, sophomore Meg Chapman and junior Mahea Wong.

One of the highlights of the season for Lobel was the April 2 game against George Fox.

“[The game] was one of the most well-played games that Pacific has ever played, it was done very well, it was an away game and it was a beautiful night and these girls connected,” said Lobel. “Some of the highlights were the joy we felt around the game and the joy we felt from that game.”

One of the reasons the team was so successful, according to Lobel, was due to the connection the women had while playing together and thev enjoyment they had from playing the game.
“Joy has come up a lot this season and that was the key to our success,” said Lobel. “To just be thankful and joyful to each other.”

Although Lobel and the team are celebrating and relaxing now that the season is over, they are already looking forward to the adventures that next year will bring. Not only on the field, but off as well.

“I am looking forward to the girls finding their way, traveling in the fall and hearing their experiences of what being abroad was like and to bring it back and to do the best we possibly can,” said Lobel. “I look forward to seeing what they are going to create next year and what they come up with.”


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