Student comments on LGBTQ stigmas

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Sometimes in conversation I’m asked, from a teammate’s perspective, “Is it weird? How do you deal with that?” When I first learned of Wyatt Saling being a lesbian, I thought about how our interactions would be, since wrestling is a full physical contact sport.

But I immediately stopped, ashamed for even thinking about that. I realized that this new information meant nothing. As long as she doesn’t act inappropriately, there’s no problem. That would be the same parameters if I were to wrestle with a man. One stigma that is still present and bothers Saling, is that gay people are overly sexual and will go after anyone of the same sex.

“I still have preferences. I mean, you don’t go after every guy, right? So why would I go after every girl?” Saling explained. Chatting with Saling about this, cemented these thoughts, gay people are most importantly, people. They are not predators. Also even if you don’t agree with a person’s sexual orientation, you can still strive to be understanding. “There is a clear distinction between wrestling and um, intimacy” Saling stated. I agree.


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