Athletic director comments on lawsuit

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Pacific University was recently sued for $3 million in regard to a rape lawsuit.

The case that was filed against the school on Nov. 16, 2015 alleges that a 20 year old student was raped following a drinking party hosted by a student assistant coach for the Pacific men’s basketball team. The university is being sued for negligence.

When asked about these proceedings, Athletic Director Ken Schumann said he “cannot comment on ongoing litigations.”

Although this kind of lawsuit can bring unwanted attention to the Athletic Department, Schumann seemed optimistic when asked about the image this can create for athletics at Pacific.

“I am proud of our department and the standards we have and how we operate,” Schumann said.

The National Collegiate Athletics Association (NCAA) has specific policies and guidelines that must be followed by all athletic departments.

These guidelines are set to provide a safe and enjoyable environment for college athletes. Along with background checks and any processes the university wishes to implement to insure the safety of its athletes, there are specific processes all NCAA coaches must go through to be certified to coach,

“There is a statement on following NCAA guidelines for ethical standards and codes of conduct which includes not consuming or providing for students any banned substance,” Schumann said.

Schumann is hopeful that this incident does not effect recruiting as it could cast a shadow on the Athletic Department due to the severity of the lawsuit coupled with having a coach involved.

“I am optimistic that our coaches will have a strong recruiting year and recruit top quality student athletes to our programs at Pacific,” explained Schumann.

Schumann could not comment directly about the case but has made it clear that the athletic department is doing everything they can.

“This particular situation aside, which is obviously very serious, I think we do the right things,” Schumann said. “I am proud of our program.”


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