Women’s Soccer: Head coaches fired due to poor season

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The Pacific University women’s soccer team ended their season 4-14-2 with a final game win against Pacific Lutheran. Shortly after the season, coach Morgan Joseph and coach Dane Joseph were let go due to a lack of success on the soccer field. The Boxer women had a decent year, yet the team looks to further the number of wins next season.

“We played really well, we just did not get the results we wanted. Next season will be really different, there will be a lot of adjusting because we will have to get used to a new coach,” said freshman Emily Thompson.

The new coaching change will bring new challenges to the Boxer women. The change is designed to bring more wins to the program, which in turn will elevate the level of play.

“I liked the coaching staff, I mean nothing is perfect, but I liked them. I am excited for the change. New coaches bring a new excitement to the program,” said Thompson.

Kibwe Cuffie, head junior varsity coach, would be a solid fit for the club as a varsity coach. However, the athletic department is doing everything they can to find the ideal coaching staff to lead the Boxer women to championships.

“I would not mind if Kibwe was the coach. He has a lot of patience and focuses on technicalities within the game. He is a great coach and I really enjoyed playing for him thisyear,” said Thompson.

Looking to next year, the soccer team will be instrumental in choosing who the coach will be.The athletic directors will come to the team with a list of finalists for the coaching position and ask for opinions.

With the athletic directors and the team being involved in finding the right coach, wins are on the horizon for Pacific women’s soccer.


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