On the hunt for women’s soccer coach

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The Pacific women’s soccer team is on the hunt for a new head coach with the guidance of Assistant Athletic Director Lauren Esbensen.

The athletic department is actively pursuing candidates for the head coaching job, including current assistant coach Kibwe Cuffie.

Esbensen said, the process to find a head coach is complicated. The process can be broken down into three steps: networking, identifying candidates and interviewing.

Networking includes posting the job to national sites and making connections with possible candidates.

From there, the candidates are identified and enter the interview process.

The athletic department has created a unique interview process.Aside from being interviewed by the athletic director, they are interviewed by the current assistant coaches and the soccer team.

This intriguing perspective on the interview process ensures that the athletic department will find the correct fit for the soccer team.

“We are trying to find someone who fits Pacific and is passionate about soccer and academically inclined who wants to be at an institution,” Esbensen said

Esbensen emphasized that the Pacific fit is at the forefront of the candidate’s attributes.

“Making sure personalities mesh with the team and competitiveness fall under that ‘fit’ guideline that we are really looking for,” Esbensen said.

Freshman soccer player Gabrielle Glaser said it is a unique process.

“It allows the team to interact with the different coaches to find the best fit for not only our program, but also our soccer family,” Glaser said

There are currently three main candidates that will start the interview process.

Along with Cuffie, the coach from Division II Adam State University and Division I Portland State University are being considered.

The women’s spring practice and scrimmages will be held in early spring and Esbensen is confident a coach will be hired by the end of this month.


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