Rowing team’s performance looks optimistic

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Heading into their second season, the women’s rowing team is excited but also apprehensive about their upcoming competitions. In the fall, the team plastered posters that read “Row for the Boxers” all over campus hoping to recruit more members. While the Boxers were trying to recruit on campus, Head Coach Amanda Dudley was away in Hawai’i recruiting potential rowers for next year’s team.

Sophomore Haley Gee is optimistic and thought the posters were a big help. Currently there are 8 rowers on the team, a total of 9 is needed.

The final position needed is the coxswain. The coxswain is the team member who sits in the stern facing the bow, responsible for steering the boat and coordinating the power and rhythms of the rowers.

“Making a rower is a lot easier than a coxswain,” explained Gee.

The team currently holds land practices in the new facility adjacent to the baseball field and will return to Hagg Lake for practice by the end of February.

Their first competition will be the Hagg Lake Invitational on March 19. Other season highlights will be races in Seattle and Vancouver, Washington and a trip to Sacramento at the end of April.

“That’s going to be a good trip. There are more heats so more chances to compete and everyone is there. It’s cool to see teams from the west coast, east coast, and even some in the middle,” Gee said.


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