Handball defends national title

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The Paci c University Handball team went to the Collegiate National Championships in Minneapolis Feb. 24- 28 and came home decorated in awards and trophies.

Senior Rebecca Brown took home her fourth National Title.

She said that this year was her best tournament and she is very proud of the team and how she played.

Head Coach David Steinburg said he was very pleased with the fundamentals and the discipline of the players to excel in tournament play.

He said that the work the Boxers did in the weight room really paid off when it came to the stamina required for keeping long rallies going.

Steinburg is in his rst year as head coach and said that he focuses on tness as much as he can because being a personal trainer gave him the opportunity to design handball specific workouts and he thinks they have really paid off.

Marquez said that he holds the coaches in high regard and that he would not be at Paci c if it weren’t for Assistant Coach and previous head coach Mike Steele.

Sophomore Angel Marquez said he started playing handball when he was 5-years-old and played in his rst national tournament when he was 9-years-old.

Marquez is rare in that he is an athlete that was actually recruited to play handball at Pacific.

Marquez won the doubles national championship with the help of teammate, senior Benjamin Schmid.

“I love Mike, he’s probably the main reason why I came here,” Marquez said.

Marquez said he almost didn’t go to Minnesota for the National Championships this year due to flu symptoms and he spent the week nursing himself back to health.

“My main concern was for the team to do well, the women’s team did amazing and the men ended up winning the combined team championship,” Marquez said.

The win marked the handball team’s 40th consecutive trip to the National Championships.

Marquez said that recruiting is something important of the team next year because they are losing close to half the team after graduation.

He said the impact of actually recruiting athletes to play would really benefit the team.


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