Pouncey heads to NBA

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Pacific basketball superstar Devon Pouncey has announced that he will give up his remaining eligibility with the Boxers and enter the professional basketball draft.When reminded that he had no eligibility left Pouncey said he would have given it up if he had any.

“It’s the right time to go,” said Pouncey. “Kobe is retiring and the Lakers need someone to take his place.”

Pouncey, who is from the Bay area admitted it would be tough to go to Southern California instead of to the Warriors.

“I’m from that area but they seem to have it together at Golden State. I’d hate to go there and take minutes away from Steph (Curry) and Klay (Thompson).”

“I’d hate to see him go to the Lakers,” said Curry when reached by phone. “I’d be willing to give up some playing time and so would Klay if we could get him here.”

When asked about Pouncey a Lakers scout was very secretive. “Pouncey is a good basketball player, one of the best they have had in Stockton in a long time. We’ll be taking a close look at him.”

Pouncey said he was keeping his options open.

“If the Lakers don’t take me I may have to pass on the rest of the league and go somewhere else.”

He said he has had talks with other leagues around the world including the Samoan Basketball Association, the Borneo Basketball League and the North Yukon League in Canada.


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