Rugby team sets sights on playoff run

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Pacific men’s rugby team has dominated the first part of their schedule jumping out to an early 3-0 record. This includes big victories over Reed College, Seattle University and Lewis & Clark College.

“The team is raw, athletically dominant and very strong,” said senior Nick Hardenbrook.

The rugby team added a few more players this semester to their 15 man team. As they now have 20 players, compared to their fall season where they played a 7 man game. They have added senior Bronson Barretto, who was also the starting running back for the football team, as their team captain.

“The team is really starting to bond and click, I think we have a good chance in the playoffs,” said freshman hooker Harrison Clifford.

The team has yet to play a home game. Considering they are a club sport, the team has been hardpressed reserving time on the football field.

“We’ve been playing well this season” said Hardnbrook “but we understand that the season isn’t over yet and we still have compete in order to stay in the playoff hunt.”

The team will compete against Reed College, Gonzaga University, Seattle University and Lewis & Clark College.At the end of the season, the top teams will play in playoff games to crown a champion.

Hardenbroook is hoping the program can grow and expand their schedule moving forward.

“The competition is always good, but it would be great to expand and play other competitive schools who enjoy the sport,”said Hardenbrook

Winning the first three games, the team appears to be in the running for the playoffs, as they head into the final half of their season.


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