Football coach is given new position

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After falling short of expectations for the 2015 football season, the Boxers are looking to get back to the tough defensive mentality that made the Boxer football program a contender for the conference title the past few years.

Pacific alumni and former defensive coordinator Marc Moody has decided to take another coaching job in his home state of Hawaii, at the University of Hawaii.

“It was a chance for him to go home and be a part of a Division I school,” said head coach Keith Buckley.

Taking over the reins at defensive coordinator will be Lukkes Gilgan, who came to the Boxer football program this past year as the defensive backs coach. Coach Gilgan was formally a part of the Willamette University football coaching staff, where he is a former All-Northwest Conference player as a defensive back.

“I think coach Gilgan came very quickly on the scene here at Pacific,”coach Buckley said. “He was an immediate contributor to our game planning and the development of our players.”

With a change in coaching staff, coach Buckley knows that usually means a change in the style of play. However, he is confident the Boxers won’t lose their aggressive style of play.

“There will be adjustments that go along with the changes,” admitted coach Buckley. “But our defensive style will not change, when coach Gilgan got here it was a very seamless transition into our schemes.”

The football team is graduating many key offensive players this year, however they will be returning a lot of All-Conference players on the defensive side of the ball next season.

“Everybody knows that we have to be better on defense next year,” coach Buckley said. “It’s imperative to our success that we play to our potential defensively.”

Even with the changes, the Boxers fully expect to be in the mix for a conference championship next season.


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