Intramurals encourage students participation

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Sports are a very popular event on Pacific’s campus, whether it is for the school or for fun on an intramural team. Intramurals are a fun way to stay active with your friends.

The Director of Intramurals and Recreation, Angela Moberg talked about some of the different sports offered such as soccer, football, basketball and sand volleyball.

“This will be the first year we do sand volleyball so there will be a new four on four league,” said Moberg. “We have ten teams signed up for sand volleyball when there were only really spots for six to eight.”

Intramurals focus more on what the students want to try. The intramural program tries to do one night events if students show interest.

For example, they organized dodgeball one night and they are hoping to do another night of dodgeball this spring.

Moberg mentions the overall intramural turnout for the year is pretty big; there are about 600 people who play intramural sports, but about 1,000 participants because some students play in multiple leagues.

The intramural games are played all over campus and at Canary field. Each game is about 45 minutes to an hour depending on the sport.

“As signups come in there is always a wait period, where if it is looking like we could adjust something or add something then we will try to do it,” stated Moberg.

“The goal is to get everyone who wants to play to play so we are always open to ideas, and student feedback of what they like,” concluded Moberg.


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