Cons of ‘Gymtimidation’

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Gymtimidation is the act of feeling intimidated at the gym, and letting that keep you from going back. It’s a real issue in our culture, and rears its ugly face in gyms all over the nation. Is it a problem here at Pacific?

There is no doubt that some people in the gym are much more fit or muscular than others who may go, but that should not stop people from wanting to attend the gym and try to lead a positive life style.

People can go in, especially when just starting out, feeling judged by everyone. Feeling that all eyes are on them and all their movements are being watched and ridiculed in private by the gym veterans.

One thing people need to realize is that this is most likely not true. Most of the time, people in the gym are way more focused on themselves and watching their own movements in the mirror.

Also, for the people who are the gym veterans and are in great shape, stop judging those who are just starting out and may be in “worse” shape than you. They are there to improve their life style, and to sweat way more than one human should in comfort.

At Pacific especially, the culture is so much different than a typical public gym. There seems to be little judgment going on. All of us being a student body at a smaller university have a closer bond already than most gyms.

Going to class or seeing people around campus that you see in the gym brings a different atmosphere to our gym. It gives us a more personal feeling.

The gym should be a safe place for people to build self confidence and a healthy life style.

While Pacific feels like it does not have any sort of gymtimidation, it can still feel like it to others. Just know that this isn’t true.

Go to the gym if you choose, pick a great playlist of songs and get after it. There is no judgment here.


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