New possibilities excites golf team

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The fall season for men and women’s golf is approaching, and recently Boxer golf teams have undergone a rebuilding process. Some players have graduated and some are returning.  New players mean new excitement and possibilities for Boxer golf.

“The excitement for me and for the team is going to be our growth potential,” men’s and women’s head coach Richard Warren said.

Warren is going into his 17th season with a renewed sense of optimism about the fall season. Warren is excited to see how Pacific’s teams will perform against other conference teams this year.

“The league may be a little surprised at what we can do,” Warren said.

The men’s golf team has six players, and on the women’s team there are nine. With so many players, there is a potential for healthy competition.

“It’s going to be interesting to see who’s going to step up,” Warren said. “It is going to come down to work ethic and desire and competitive nature.”

Two returning players exhibited a competitive nature last year and Warren said he is excited to see what they do this year.

Senior Corey Marineau returns to the men’s team. Marineau had a career best score of 74 strokes and he averaged 80.71 in the 2015-2016 season.

On the women’s golf team, senior Jenny Andreas had a career best of 82 strokes and averaged 88.07 in the 2015-2016 season.

Both of these players fought their way to the top of their teams, but new players on the rosters are sure to challenge their top spots.

Fresh faces on the Boxer golf teams include freshman Briana Finau on the women’s team. Her first practice with Warren left a favorable impression.

“We had our first practices today and got a chance to watch her hit some golf balls and play nine holes,” Warren said. “She can make waves as a freshman.”

Junior Luke Olson, a new player on the men’s team this year brings experience and talent with him.

“I would say Corey’s gotta be on his toes in order to keep that number one spot,” Warren said. “Luke has some talent, he has some real talent.”

Olson transferred to Pacific from Green River Community College.

When asked what he hopes to achieve this season, Olson said. “I am looking to play my best each match so I can really contribute to our team so we can really compete and win a few tournaments.”

Freshman Braden Ash is another new player for Boxer golf and according to Warren, Ash is a player with growth and potential.

“He’s got that spark in his eye, that lets you know he’s going to grow,” Warren said.

Boxer golf is going into the first matches of the fall season with fresh faces, returning players and a dedicated coach. The first matches of the fall season will be away in Washington.

The women golf team’s first tournament is in Tacoma, Wash. Sept. 10-11 at Lake Spanaway GC.

The men’s first match of the fall season is an away match in Dupont, Wash. Sept. 18-19 at The Home Course.

The first home match for the men and women’s teams will be in Banks, Oregon September 24-25 at Quail Valley GC.

This would be a great opportunity for students to go and see the men and women’s golf teams in action and show support.


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